Penelope Cruz enjoys a romp in her new movie

In her new movie Twice Born, Penelope Cruz deals with the heartbreaking story of a woman who relies on a surrogate after discovering she can’t have children.

In the international trailer for the film, Penelope is seen attempting to get her baby son to breastfeed, despite her not having given birth to the child.

The film, based on the book by Margaret Mazzantini, tells the story of a single mother who takes her teenage son back to Sarajevo, where his father died in the Bosnian conflict years ago.

When she returns, Penelope’s character Gemma relives her past with her ex, played by Hirsch – resulting in a series of raunchy sex scenes.

One such scene sees the pair getting intimate in a bathtub, with Hirsch sitting atop of Penelope in the water.

The actress bares her breasts as she attempts to coax the baby to feed, with little success.

Speaking recently about the film, which also stars Emile Hirsch, Penelope called the project ‘an homage to motherhood’.

Talking about the breastfeeding scene, Penelope said: ‘Some of these babies were only a week old.

‘And so they were smelling me and that made them want to eat. But I was playing a woman who couldn’t feed because she hadn’t given birth!

‘That created a very strange but alive dynamic between me and those babies. You cannot learn something like that. And this film is full of moments that could not be planned.’

Twice Born is due for release worldwide in 2013.

by Helena Bryanlith

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