Oscars…the end?

Years ago, after a barbie, we would sit around with a drink or two and discuss what film we would chose as the best film we had ever seen.

There were tremendous films with wonderful stars the choices were endless. I recently watched the SAG awards. What a let down the films selected would not have been in the top fifty of our party picks.

The best of this years selection was Lion – it’s a beautiful film and the acting superb, if a little pedestrian. It could have been made in half the time and stands chances at the Oscars. But the Oscars are now fading into obscurity. The films nominated over the past twenty years do not compare with the films of the first fifty years.

La La Land has twelve nominations for Oscars – do you think this compares with multi Oscar winners of the Past? Ben Hur or the Godfather? The only reason to watch the Oscars is the red carpet, the presenters and the fashion worn by beautiful actresses are a dream. The films may as well be sadly discarded as they are a choice between the mediocre and the dross. This year follows years of dwindling quality of nominations.

The Lion should do well and actresses such as Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams gave outstanding performances in their films this year. But we miss new films by our older established excellent actors for example Jack Nicholson and Tony Hopkins. Clint Eastwood continues to direct and act in lovely films – Oh, for a Tracey or Bogart…or even a Gable or Wayne sadly missed.

Tom Cruise sets a high bench mark. There are plenty of great young actresses making their mark in the creative world of film. Especially in Australia and Europe and we expect quality from Americans with traditions of stage and screen performances.

Unfortunately it is the films that are letting us down , too many made with little or no imagination.

Now when we sit outside with a brew and contemplate the past when films were outstanding and actors were real stars, it is with sadness we reflect the demise of Oscar. It may be time to move on ,or at least bring in a selection committee to chose only the best films in comparison to Oscars of long ago. Less politics, less quantity over quality, less success allied to profit makers and more story telling, more emotion and style. Perhaps a cross between Casablanca, Snow White, They Died With Their Boots On, Bridge On the River Kwai, Mary Poppins, Gone with the Wind and Some Like It Hot.

Now these were only some of the choices we made around the BBQ in the cool evening as we argued about what was the best film ever made. And I am sure we do not come close to films you would chose as best of the best – my choice is Robin Hood either Disney or Errol Flynn. I miss the nostalgia of early films seen in the dark with the woman you love in the back row of the cinema.

Oscar reminds me of Bette Davis, Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot – well maybe not Bardot for an Oscar, but I still remember her with relish…Wow.

by Helena Bryanlith


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