Oscars 2013 – the preview

Not the best year for films.

It was more quantity than quality. We did have some beautiful actresses despite having to appear in a few sub-standard movies.

Joanna Moore, Heather Graham, Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett always give great performances.

Why are there not more romantic comedies for stars like Cameron Diaz and Selma Hayek who have style and timing. But the stand out for me was Helen Hunt.

Forget the figure and the hot body…it’s the face…Helen Hunt is full of passion and expression. She may not be the most beautiful movie star, but her choice of films and her screen presence makes her the best actress of 2013.

The leading men are a mixture this year. The oldies are relying on past performances and not giving us a good year. De Niro, Gere, Pacino and Clooney still produce strong roles…but they past their best. The young men spend most of their time in the gym. They look great with six packs to die for, but Jason Statham and Daniel Craig more action than content.

A sad year for my most talented actor – when Oscar winner, Anthony Hopkins must be covered in plastic to act his role in Hitchcock…it’s time to bring out the handkerchief.

Imagine, playing Admiral Nelson you have to have an arm cut off and an eye plucked out. Or to play Long John Silver, you’d have to chop off a leg. Actors are the part. They create the dream.

How Hitchcock would have laughed to see his creative drive hidden behind a plastic mask.

Well, I started off by saying very few good films were made this year, so how to pick the best film Oscar winner?

I loved the oldies playing Last Quartet, but it was not as good as last year’s Marigold Hotel.

The Hobbit was long and at times confusing, whereas the book was the easiest one to read.

Every year Tom Cruise brings out one or two action films. You have to admit he gives value for money. The returns at the box-office for a Tom Cruise prove his talent as a leading actor. It could be his year for an Oscar. But my choice is Sir Ian McKellen. He could take best actor Oscar.

My best film goes to a low budget gem The Sessions – movie of outstanding quality and emotion. Now I know you will say it is not a blockbuster and it didn’t cost a fortune to make.

The big boys in the film industry will undoubtedly vote for Les Mis. But ask yourself, does this film compare well with previous Oscar musicals?Antonio Banderass

Is it as good as ‘My fair Lady’, ‘The Sound Of Music’ or even ‘Fantasia’?

And besides, I much preferred Antonio Banderas as a cat in ‘Puss In Boots’ to big Russel Crowe.

Do you think an Oscar should go to a film just because the stars lost lots of weigh? They hacked their hair to pieces and looked shagged throughout the film.

The singing was fairly acceptable. But I did spend the entire film making a list of who I thought could sing the role better.

I started with Katherine Jenkins the Welsh singer, and then Petula Clark, Cilla Black, Gracie Fields and Vera Lynn. By the end of the movie, I got to Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga and the Wiggles.

Les Miserables will win a hat full of Oscars for all the technical achievements. It radiates Paris and costumes and the music is a delight to fans of the stage show.

But is it the best film? …perhaps…but my choice differs from the die-hard fans and the movie moguls.

On Oscar night I will be snorkelling in my bath listening to the Phantom Of The Opera sound-track…but I feel I’m going to have a Miserable evening.

by Helena Bryanlith


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