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Oscars 2012 – the preview

Yes I’m back to give you the finite preview of this years Oscars.

Last year I predicted correctly the worst director and the film with the highest saving on electricity which provided the Oscar for worst lighting director.

This year ahead of the nominations I will give you the best inside information on which movies will grab the prizes.

The best film should be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…but who can remember a film released in July and forgotten by  February…a film too far!

Mission Impossible again proves Tom is worth every dollar paid to him in salary.  The film is great entertainment but easy to forget. Melancholy should come with a hand out, to explain what its all about.

The Iron Lady should have been the Paper Lady, with Meryl Streep trying to win an Oscar by straining our ears with another accent. It needs sub-titles or possibly made in Polish like Sophies Choice.

Ghandi is a great actor and his role in Hugo makes this a must see, with a great director. This is a movie that could surprise.

My film of the year is Kid With A Bike…just for the pleasure of emotional ups and downs.

But who is the big winner this year? Without a doubt this is the year of the animals. Trigger is back but not with Roy Rogers. Could War Horse win the Oscar? Stiff competition against Happy Feet, Puss In Boots, Alvin and Chipmunks…but I predict the winner is between Rin Tin Tin and Red Dog…Horse, Penguin, Chipmunk, Cat…good but unlucky, the dogs will win. Rin Tin Tin already has an Oscar so we have to delete Rin and give the prize to Tin Tin .

I would have mentioned Brad Pitts opus on baseball but it’s not football. Its boring to all the tennis players and cricketers, so although we love Brad (he should have won an Oscar for Snatch…it really is an Oscar winning accent) but baseball sucks.

I hope you agree with my selections. I will update you nearer to the awards ceremony.

Will the host be Mickey Taker Gervais this year?

by Helena Bryanlith

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