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Olivia Newton-John’s daughter cancels wedding

She’s already had her fair shares of ups and downs, and now there is more heartache for Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi.

The 25-year-old is said to have called off her wedding with fiancé James Driskill after finding out he is already married.

The Los Angeles-based singer was expected to marry the martial arts expert later this year. But she is understood to have discovered through a friend that he married a Swiss national called Nina in 2005 and they never divorced. He is also said to have been living with Nina when he met Chloe in 2009, although he and his wife had separated.

A friend of Chloe’s said, ‘Chloe is devastated and so is her mum. She’s had to deal with so much emotional turmoil already in her life, and everyone was thrilled that she finally seemed to find happiness.’

The Grease star is now helping her daughter overcome her heartache.

Chloe is also said to have discovered James’ secret from a friend, who revealed the bombshell when they were out celebrating the forthcoming wedding.

James is said to have married Nina in 2005 after they met on a snowboarding trip to Mammoth Mountain in California the previous year.

James and Chloe met in November 2009 at an LA club where he was a bouncer.

The publication claims James split from his wife four months before he met Chloe, and he has told friends the reason they never divorced was a ‘combination of lack of money and lack of experience’. He is now said to want the wedding to go ahead early next year…but Chloe is in no rush to get to the altar.

A source also said ‘Olivia is very protective of her daughter and wants to make sure she does not get hurt than she already is.’

Chloe recently releases a controversial video for her new single, Play With Me, featuring scenes of suicide, self harm and apparent drug taking.

by Lorelle Heath


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