Ogling men are ‘bust’-ed

This leering lot have been bust-ed after sneaking a peek at the breasts of these girls who are oblivious of the attention their chests are attracting.

A website has collected pictures of the upfront males…both young and old…who have been caught sneakily gawking at the girls’ cleavages.

And while they try to subtly steal a glance, the unwitting female in the snap beams at the camera.

The ogling lotharios range from one surreptitiously peering over a girl’s shoulder with an admiring glance to one blatantly staring while a pretty young woman gazes into the lens.

And while a few clearly thought they were being hilarious for staring at a girl’s bosom, perhaps their partners might not see the funny side.

Those caught on film will be feeling like they’ve made a bit of a boob of themselves.

But they’ll probably be more concerned with explaining their stolen glances to the girls in the photographs.

But perhaps they’ll be more anxious to appease their wives and girlfriends who will not be breast-pleased to see their ogling partners.

The website AcidCow.com published the pictures and invited visitors to submit their photographic evidence of the men in action.

by Harry Harper


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