Not for all the tea in China…well, maybe

RICKY GERVAIS has gone global – he’s now gearing up to make the Chinese choke with chuckles on their chow mein.

The Brit funnyman has revealed a series of The Office is in the works to be broadcast on small screens in the Asian country.

Ricky’s classic sitcom has already enjoyed huge success in the US, with STEVE CARELL stepping into his shoes as the hapless office boss.

He wrote on his blog: “I have some amazing news… we are about to start work on developing a Chinese “The Office”. How cool is that?”

Meanwhile, Ricky has rubbished reports he’ll reprise his David Brent role when actor Steve leaves the US show after the seventh series.

He said: “I’m not taking over from Steve Carell and will just continue to make millions for doing f*** all because I created the show and all the characters, and own the format and it’s being syndicated now and I get paid every time any episode of any version is played anywhere in the world.”

Nice to remember where you come from, Ricky.


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