Nigella, there’s no need for the burkini

There have been a million excuses why Nigella Lawson was looking like a beached whale on Bondi Beach a few weeks back. She was being modest, she was protecting her skin from he sun etc., etc…

Well, it’s hard to believe a woman who constantly has her baps on display and whose trademark is the lascivious licking of her fingers is dressing like this for reasons of modesty. Nor did she wear this Bri-Nylon monstrosity to protect her skin from the sun…a tube of Factor 50 would have done that.

I suspect the real reason is that Nigella is been eating too much and is overweight…orf as most of us would say…fat. The curves but have exploded into hulking spare tyres, thanks to her famous Gooey Chocolaty Puddings.

I’ll bet she covered up because she didn’t want ‘fat’ pictures of her circulating the world. Also, isn’t black meant to make you look slimmer?

Listen Nigella, you cook food on the TV…which probably means that when you are recording a series, you probably eat more than usual. And like the rest of us when you get to 38 and over, you get a bit lazier, and need to do more exercise than usual, and of course, be even more careful what you eat. You don’t have to be that vain…most of us have been there…some of us still are.

But somebody needs to tell her that even a few spare tyres would look better than this. And rather than hide the fact she’s put on weight, she has now alerted the whole world to it.

by Debbie Dot


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