Miss Bumbum 2016 (best arse) – Erika Caneta

This year, Miss Bumbum was won by Erika Caneta.


The competition has been running since 2011 which was created by entrepreneur and journalist Cacau Olivier. The winners have been:

2015 – Suzy Cortez

2014 – Indianara Carvalho


2013 – Dai Macedo

2012 – Carine Felizardo

2011 – Rosana Ferreira


It’s basically a Brazilian pageant show which is represented by 27 contestants (representing Brazils 27 states), and the winner is the one with the best arse.


There have been controversies in the competitions short life – mainly bribes from contestants. Even this year, runners-up Danny Morais and Karyn Alvyshave have accused each other of cheating…claiming they were paying for votes, but Morais also accused Alvyshave of enhancing her buttocks with implants…which is highly illegal for the entering of the competition.

The winner gets a modelling contract and the equivalent of around $20,000.

Anyway, it is not mine to have a dig at – it’s all a bit of fun, I suppose.

Congratulations to Miss Bumbum 2016 – Erika Caneta.

by Harry Harper


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