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Miley Cyrus gets it off her chest

Billy Ray will regret not having a quiet word with his daughter, Mily Cyrus, before she left the house dressed like this.

When the singer wore this revealing top on The Tonight Show, veteran host Jay Leno had to use all his experience to avoid making eye-contact with the star’s chest.

Miley did her best to keep his attention by discussing Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber’s recent bout of sickness on stage.

The former Disney star said: “I had that happen one time. I got off stage quick enough and my mum was sitting there with a bucket.

“But I just kept going back and forth, like, ‘I’ll be back in five seconds’, then I’d return and go, ‘Here I am everyone, fabulous – sorry front row, you all now have the flu’.”

by Milo Johnson
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