Mel Gibson caught kissing brunette

Mel has a checkered love history and was seen taking a pretty blonde on a date earlier this month.

But it appears that Mel Gibson has a number of women in his life, he was seen entertaining an alluring brunette last week and it has been claimed he is the father of a former fling’s child.

The Braveheart star wined and dined a pretty girl on a date at a top Beverly Hills hotel last Wednesday.

After spending hundreds of dollars on a three-course meal and a flurry of expensive drinks – Mel and the woman left at around midnight.

However as the couple were snapped holding hands the pair walked out of the front of the hotel, Mel apparently without a care in the world.

For a moment it looked as though the Beaver star got nervous about being seen in public with a new woman and he was spotted peering out from behind a pillar seemingly checking if the coast was clear.

What are you hiding from Mel?


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