Megan Fox is now my favourite Hollywood star

That’s right, Megan Fox has just become my favourite Hollywood star…and not because she’s the hottest thing on two legs.

There won’t be any Twittering or Tweeting from Megan Fox anytime soon.

The actress…who was crowned the World’s Sexiest Woman in 2009 by FHM magazine…closed her Twitter account just five days after opening it despite having 280,000 followers.

Megan Fox has some dignity

The new mum joined the social networking site a few hours after a death hoax began circulating with “RIP Megan Fox” and started trending.

Her closing tweet read “’5 days on Twitter and I have yet to discern it’s purpose. #WhatIsThePoint ???’”

She then went on to release this message on her official Facebook page:

“Some of you may, or may not have noticed by now that my Twitter account has been shut down…

“I thought that 2013 might be the year that I finally blossomed into a social networking butterfly…but as it turns out I still hate it.

“Love you guys but I will just never be that girl. Facebook is as much as I can handle. #I’m Sorry’”

Twitter boasts more than 500million member across the world, with 200million people classed as regular users.

At last…a Hollywood actor/actress who doesn’t feel the need to exhibit every living thought with the world to get noticed by the press.

Thank you Megan Fox…for not being a sheep.

New technology is always great, even if it’s a gadget. But it doesn’t mean it’s practical. Just because it’s trendy and ‘in’ to be on Twitter, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

Just remember flares were once ‘in’…I rest my case.

by Debbie Dot


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