Marilyn Monroe is still the sexiest

Screen siren Marilyn Monroe has been voted Hollywood’s greatest ever bombshell.

The blonde beauty, whose films include Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch, won the accolade almost half a century after her death.

Monroe, who died from an overdose of barbiturate drugs, beat beauties such as Angelina Jolie, who was second. Scarlett Johansson was third, Catherine Zeta Jones was fourth and Salma Hayek was fifth.

Sixth was Raquel Welch, Jessica Alba was eight, Halle Berry nine with Megan Fox 10th.

More than 80,000 fans…mostly men, took part in the poll by US film industry cable network Reelz.

One fan said of Marilyn, “She still personifies the perfection of beauty…and she could act, too.”

That’s right…she probably was both, especially for the era…but that fans statement just goes to prove one thing. If you’re a fan of anything…you’re blinded, deluded and have probably been part of a propoganda experiment that’s been shoved up your arse so far that it’s never going to come out…some fans are mental, and some fans  suck.

by Harry Harper


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