Mariah Carey is the real material girl

Does Mariah Carey think she’s the only woman on the planet ever to get pregnant and have a baby?

We’ve had pictures of her bump with her husband hanging all over it. Now we have been shown the extravagance of the nursery with its Louis XVI table, its china tea service and its life sized giraffe.

She gave birth to twins and I can’t help but think she may want to exchange them if they don’t match her outfit for that particular day. I might be a little unfair on her, but that is the impression that she gives everyone.

 It’s like Carey’s screaming, “I’m going to be the worlds best mom”.

Well…the best mums don’t have to lavish multi-million dollar gifts on babies who will be totally oblivious to them. They just have to be there for them…and put them before anything else.

And do we really think the Diva Mariah Carey is up to that?

by Milo Johnson


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