Lynx make steamy interactive movie

A STEAMY ad campaign is set to take customers on a raunchy virtual reality journey in what could be an advertising first.

Deodorant giants, Lynx, have produced an interactive promotional movie that will allow consumers to take control of the ad’s hero and send him on a range of saucy adventures.

It is up to the viewer whether he comes up smelling of roses with a sex-bomb Lynx girl in his arms or causes a bit of a stink.

An advertising insider said: “This could well be an Internet first. We are expecting millions of hits when the movie goes live on the net in the New Year.”

The movie, which is being scripted, will combine “the essence of the Lynx brand, which is tongue in cheek humour and playful sexiness”.

The insider said: “This is a digital interactive film where the viewer controls the fate of the protagonist – the Lynx guy – and makes all his key decisions.

“Each decision leads to new strands of the narrative, some dead ends, others opening exciting new avenues in the story.

“Fantasy becomes reality for our hero as he meets, seduces and potentially scores with the ultimate lynx girl in a night he will never forget. The film is a ‘choose your own’ ending style game. And it’s all in the best possible taste.”

The production which lasts from 4-10 minutes, according to decisions being made, will include going backstage at a steamy lingerie photo shoot, scenes at the after-party, and even more fun as frisky physical attractions develop.

As part of the production process, Lynx will also be recruiting yet another gorgeous girl, who will star in the movie, and receive around £50,000 for her role.


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