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Livia Firth is an annoying cow

I wish that Colin Firth’s wife Livia would shut the fuck up.

I’m so fed up to the back teeth hearing about her recycled dresses and how beautiful they are (which they’re not) and how the one that she wore at the Oscars was made out of eleven old dresses. And to be honest Livia, it actually looked like it was made out of eleven dresses that have been thrown away. In fact, it was so punjent with the odour of working class people, I’m amazed you actually made it all the way along the red carpet without fainting. You didn’t need to tell us, Livia…we could tell, because you’re such an Eco-warrior. But I wonder how much a dress like that would cost to be put together?

How many man hours were involved? Which designer made it, and would the ordinary person in the street ever be able to afford the luxury of such eco-couture?

The trouble with women like Livia Firth is that they lose sight of what life is like for us ordinary people.

On Oscars night, Colin Firth proudly revealed to one and all that he was wearing a suit made of sustainable fabric by ex Gucci boss Tom Ford. That’ll be the Tom Ford whose suits retail for around $6000 a pop.

Mrs Firth, we ask the question, ‘Could you be such an amazing eco-warrior, such as you are, if you lived on minimum wage?’

The fact is Mrs Firth, you most probably couldn’t. So spare us all your eco lecture in the future…thank you darling.

by Helena Bryanlith 

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  1. Seems like the only COW in this barnyard is the writer of this cynical commentary! AT LEAST the Firths are bringing the idea of sustainable fashion FORWARD. There is one SIMPLE fact being overlooked here, ECO-fashion is expensive, I agree, however, you are neglecting the simple notion of that basic economic rule of supply and demand. If ‘ordinary people’ saw that recycling and reusing works and said ‘NO THANKS’ when it came to buying cheap fashion mader under morally questionable slave-like conditions, the physical and economic enviroment would be forced to change!
    Livia Firth has NEVER ‘lectured’ a soul. She simply presents an idea that sustainable and morally responsible fashion can be beautiful…and that it does EXIST! She took her time in the spotlight to make a point….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
    I say, let the haters hate…at least the Firths are making an effort.
    SO, Unless you have a better idea, quit your bitching.

  2. It’s easy to an effort when you are a multi millionaire.You say let the haters hate,well your hating,so stop your bitching TR.

    • Buford,
      If there is anything I hate, it’s hypocritical ignorance, and this nasty commentary on Livia Firth and yours are full of it. ANYONE can make an effort to better the enviroment by changing their ways, I am not a millionaire or even close to being wealthy, and I make an effort every day.
      Speaking of ignorance, it’s ‘you’re’ hating as in ‘you-are’ not ‘your’ as in the possessive.
      At least make an effort to appear educated if you wish to be taken seriously.

      • TR you bring me to tears.Get in your prius & feel good about yourself.I’ll get in my F250 & run your ass over.The enviroment is overrated.By the way,using a “,and” is pretty primary schoolish & everyone knows that i am well educated,being an award winning journo.Give me YOUR address & i’ll send you my poncho that the dog sleeps on hippy.

  3. Buford’s Baloney ~~’The enviroment is overrated.’~~ LOL! In what world are you an award winning journo? You’re full of it, baloney that is.
    I hear you TR King!

    • I can hear the jealousy running through your veins Lisa.The fact is,this world you live in is the world where i won the “Top Sports Writer ” AWARD.This makes me an AWARD winning journalist last time i looked.People like you & Ms King are the reason people hate smelly greenies.Maybe you should walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk & give up all your creature comforts like TV,car,oven,microwave,hot water,shower,phone,computer,clothes,shoes,mattress,lights,fridge etc & live in a cave on berries & leaves the rest of your life.

  4. From what you just wrote, I couldn’t even honestly say, “Stick to your day job.” It’s obvious you’re lacking in essential intuitiveness that’s necessary in your line of work.

  5. Lisa,at least i have a day job.Hugging trees doesn’t contribute to the community,just dole bludgers like you & your hippy mates.By the way i’m hugging my AWARD as i type this.
    P.S Are you one of these hairy armpitted women who get jealous of women who look like women

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