Lindsay Lohan sacked from movie

Lindsay Lohan has been dumped from the comeback movie that she was hoping to resurrect her career.

The troubled star. who is again in rehab to overcome her drug addiction, was desperately hoping that her luck would change in the film ‘Inferno’. The film is about tragic porn star, Linda Lovelace.

But now Lohan is un-insurable in Hollywood because of her constant erratic behaviour and addiction problems.

Director of Inferno, Matthew Wilder, who has stood by Lindsay Lohan, 24, sacked her.

Wilder is currently in negotiations with another actress to play Linda Lovelace.

Wilder has stated that there were a lot of issues which made it impossible to continue working with Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan, who was earning $10 million a film will be in rehab until the end of January 2011 under a court order.

$10 million a film!

She’s not that good an actress…and she’s not even good looking

By Milo Johnson


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