Leonardo DiCaprio is Downunder

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t have a bad life.

Every film he does is decent, his bank account is bulging – and he can’t know what a bedroom drought feels like.

After splitting with Blake Lively earlier this month Leo is now in Australia filming Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and already has six local models on speed dial.

The girls targeted him in the VIP area at exclusive Sydney club Beach Haus and convinced him to take their digits.

A source said: “The models are all tall, blonde and stunning. “They went up to him all at the same time as they travel in a pack.

“When he and his pals have wanted some female company, he’s got the models to join them at the Star Casino, where he has a super-suite in the hotel.”

If they come as a pack, that’ll save a few pence – he only needs to send one text and they all come running.


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