Lara Bingle strips to her bikini for a tan top-up

Lara Bingle stripped off to a bikini as she topped up her tan on Sydney’s Bondi beach.

The 25-year-old beauty, who has dated cricket captain Michael Clarke and rugby player Danny Cipriani in the past, showed exactly why she has a legion of male fans –  displaying her stunning figure after a grueling workout session.

While others relaxed on the beach, Bingle put herself through the paces to ensure she maintains her slender figure with a fitness regime that included swimming and boxing.

She then took a breather after heading to a secluded spot, showing of her leather bikini as she joked about with her fashion designer boyfriend Gareth Moody.

The model reclined against a cliff wall, looking relaxed and content as she savoured the quiet time with her partner.

At one point her bliss was interrupted by a potential wardrobe malfunction, and she had to adjust her bikini bottoms.

She recently credited her partner with helping her reclaim a sense of normality, saying: ‘He takes me away from the craziness. If I didn’t have that, I’d go insane,’

Bingle certainly needs the break, the star is big news at the moment after starring in her own reality TV show Being Lara Bingle.

And she recently told GQ Australia that she’s delighted the series has shown a different side to her.

She said: ‘I’m portrayed in a certain light in Australia and there’s a lot of frustration that comes with that for me,’ she said. ‘The biggest incentive for doing this show was to make people realise who I really am.’

Bingle also talked about the pressures that she faces being in the public eye, revealing: ‘Yes, I live differently to a normal 25-year-old, but I’ve been given this life and just have to run with it. I’m not saving the world I am a model.

‘As much as it’s your life, it’s a job and I like to clock off at times and have other interests. During the week, the paparazzi are full on, but most Sundays I can pretty much run free and the paps don’t follow me too much at night. You need to keep some things sacred and off limits.’

by Lorelle Heath


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