Kim gets her kit off again

Kim Cattrall is no stranger to taking her clothes off on camera.

After years of playing sex-crazed Samantha in Sex And The City, she is stripping off once again for a new film role.

The 54-year-old plays the title role in independent film Meet Monica Velour, about an over-the-hill stripper.

The actress puts in a cringe-worthy performance in bridal negligee and veil, dancing slowly to cheesy Eighties ballad Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You.

She is jeered by audience members, who remark: ‘It must be amateur night at the old folks’ home.’

Monica Velour is a former Eighties porn star who is now a single mother dancing in seedy strip joints to make ends meet.

But the character has one admirer in the film’s protagonist Tobe (Dustin Ingram), who is obsessed with the ageing dancer and drives across country to rural Indiana to meet her.

‘It’s about this woman in her 50s who meets this young man who’s 17 and they have a relationship of sorts,’ Cattrall said recently of the story. ‘It’s very sweet and very dear.’

As Samantha Jones, Kim was required to maintain a figure most twenty-somethings would be envious of.

But for this role, the Liverpool-born star was allowed to let herself go, in order to portray a stripper past her prime.

‘I gained 15 pounds, then through the course of shooting, I gained another five. It was heaven putting it on and hell taking it off.’

The indie film was first shown at the Tribeca Film Festival last April, before showing at the Seattle International Film Festival and the Deauville American Film Festival in France.

It will be released in the US in April but has yet to receive an Ozzie release date.

Despite having the confidence to strip off for her latest role, Kim was still incensed by Ricky Gervais’ cutting remarks about her and her Sex And The City co-stars during his controversial Golden Globes hosting gig.

The comic poked fun at the film sequel’s movie poster, which was heavily ridiculed for its heavy handed photo-shopping.

Gervais said at the ceremony, ‘I was sure the Golden Globe for special effects would go to the team that airbrushed that poster. Girls, we know how old you are. I saw one of you in an episode of Bonanza.’

Kim hit back at the Extras star, remarking, ‘Ageism is out there and I fight it every day in my own way. So, I think that’s kind of a cheap joke.

‘Maybe some people feel that needs to be out there,’ she told Extra. ‘I don’t particularly think so.’

Kim has just signed on to drama The Treehouse, alongside Jeremy Irons and Tom Sturridge, slated for release next year.

by Harry Harper


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