Katie Price digs up her former self

Jordans 2011 calendar is great for folk that love big boobs.

But hang on a minute…hang on just a bloody minute…Jordan?

I thought that the “Jordan” logo had been buried and she was only to be known as Katie Price.

I think that she’s maybe realised that she is 32, which isn’t old…not for us non-glamorous people who need to be in the public eye by any means. Also, and here’s the big one, she might have actually seen the light and taken a good look at herself.

Yes, that’s right love, you’re not talented at anything!

You can’t sing, you can’t dance, you can’t write books (even though you say you have…liar), you don’t come across as a good mum, you’re not good at being a wife, but you are good at one thing, and one thing only…getting your tits out…and that’s it!

So when the plastic surgery doesn’t work for you anymore, what are you going to do, more ridiculous reality TV shows?

Not even they will want you in a few years time.

It’s not as if she needs the money because she’s loaded. She just wants the fame.

Jordan or Katie Price, whatever the fuck you’re called, do what you’re good at love, and get your tits out while you still can.

by Harry Harper


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