‘Jordan Idol’ to be the next farcical reality TV show

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is launching, “Jordan Idol”.

There’s to be a televised hunt for her successor.

We have no more details as of yet, but my guess is, you’ll do well in the competition if you forget how to read and write, have your legs open for 22 hours a day, make your kids the last thing that you think about, and any morals that you have…to just chuck them out of the window.

Oh yeah…but you’ve got to be nice to horses.

But honestly, can you imagine the sort of people that are going to be queuing up to be “Jordan Idol”?

It’ll just be a bunch of sluts that want to get their tits out at any public gathering. Or they’ll make sure when they get out of a car, the press with their cameras in the gutter get a good shot of their snatch.

Their parents will only be proud once they’ve seen their daughter’s ‘Camel Toe’ on the front page of the newspaper.

All Jordan is famous for is getting her tits out…that’s all.

She’s not talented in any way…I mean, fuck knows what she does, and fuck knows why the shallow members of the public are remotely interested in her.

I don’t know how many books she’s written but I know she’s written a few autobiographies. And we all know that she has nothing to do with the books.

When Price was interviewed by Graham Norton, and he asked her about a couple of passages in her latest autobiography, and she didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

It’s time this talentless bitch was ignored.

by Harry Harper


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