Jamie Oliver teaches Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie how to cook

Jamie Oliver has been giving cookery lessons to Brad Pitt because he’s fed up relying on McDonalds.

Apparently Angelina is no better in the kitchen…and you thought she’d have made some sort of effort with all the children that she has to feed. But of course, a Hollywood star doesn’t actually have to lift a finger.

This attractive pair of actors aren’t even that good at their trade…they’re just good-looking…that’s all. So they can adopt as many kids as they want…as long as they’re making films, being in the limelight and making lots of money. Mmm…money…don’t get me wrong, Angelina Jolie is a good actress, and Brad Pitt is OK-ish…he gets by. But they get paid far too much money for what they do…and they’re not even that good at it.

A friend of Pitt says, “Neither he or Angelina Jolie have a clue in the kitchen. The only thing they can manage is pouring milk on Cheerios.”

Which is pretty pathetic and not even remotely funny when you’ve got six kids to feed.

And how exactly does being a Hollywood star rob anyone of the ability to read a cookbook? I’ll tell you one thing…I’m damn sure they have more time on their hands than the likes of you or I do.

by Helena Bryanlith 


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