James Bond’s next mission – find info on the Lesser Spotted Hyena Butterfly

Bond star Daniel Craig is replacing 84 year old Sir David Attenborough as the voice of the BBC’s natural history shows.

For his first mission, Craig, 43, will narrate One Life…a film that uses footage from the BBC series Life.

The actor said he is “very proud” to have landed the role, adding, “The BBC Natural History Unit have proven year after year, that their documentary skills are second to none.”

But unfortunately Craig is nowhere near the best James Bond (which, by the the way, is Roger Moore), so how can he possibly be expected to be anywhere near as good as Sir David Attenborough?

Sir David has been there and done it, and became the best in his field, because he went out there to make it his job to know the ins and outs of the Lesser Spotted Hyena Butterfly. We, the public, aren’t stupid…and we can spot a faker a mile away.

Daniel Craig has big boots to fill.

by Helena Bryanlith


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