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Jacko’s kids approach Spielberg for work

Son of Michael Jackson, Prince, 14, has approached Dreamworks, which is owned by Steven Spielberg.

Prince has asked him if he could work as a director on an animated sci-fi movie.

You sometimes have got to hate these so called stars. What if I just turned on Steven Spielberg’s door-step and asked if I could get a job directing his next film. And of course, I’d want you to put my Dad in it as the baddie…oh yeah…I think my dog’s pretty good at acting, too…

There’s really no reason for the Jackson oiffsprings to be given any work by Spielberg….unless they are really talented, of course.

We hear he’s promised sister Paris, 13, a role. Not quite sure how Jacko would feel about that. The King of Pop once drew up a list of A-listers he wanted dead…the list included Steven Spielberg.

by Helena Bryanlith

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  1. Um, what’s your source? And what the heck is wrong with a kid pursuing his dreams? Prince has been vocal about wanting to produce/direct, and he even worked with some professors from UCLA when Michael was alive. I’m not saying that he should be doing this at age 14, but if Willow Smith can have a singing career and Jaden Smith can have an acting career, why can’t the Jackson kids do something if they wish to?

    Half of the actors/singers in Hollywood that have famous parents wouldn’t be famous today if it wasn’t for having a famous parent. So don’t judge Michael’s kids for wanting to get into the business. They grew up with a showbiz dad who wanted to give them a normal life and let them choose to be who they want to be, and clearly entertaining runs in the family.

    And about Michael wanting Steven Spielberg dead, please. Do you believe all the tabloid rubbish you read?

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