It’s only 3 months until the Oscars

Yes fans, only three months until we select our best films and actors to win an Oscar.

Its been another drab year for dreary films and poor scripts.

After a remake received nominations for awards, last year. And as we expected we had even more remakes this year.

Leading contender is Three Musketeers number forty nine. A certainty for best action movie, or perhaps not. Already discussions are rumoured to be under wraps for a remake of Casablanca, with Tom Cruise to play Rick.

Lawrence of Arabia with Tom Hanks and Gone With The Wind with Ricky Gervais as Rhet Butler.

As usual the real Oscar movies will not re released until nearer to Christmas and be followed by enormous hype to push for their selection for best film of the year.

 Personally I think the best film has already been released…and the Oscar will go to Red Dog, played by Koko, who shows far more acting skills than Tom Cruise has ever, or is likely to show.

At least we can understand what Koko is saying…unlike Tom Cruise.

 Next year the word is out for a whole selection of new musicals. Following on from good reviews for Bob Dylan and George Harrison documentary type movies, the switch is towards full on musicals. Expect  The Music of the Spice Girls, Madonna Music, The Michael Jackson Story and his music, The Life and Music of Cliff Richard, “Cliff and Hank in The Shadows”.

The musical waited for with most expectations is of course, “Rocking All Over The World with Status Quo”. 

 It looks like being a great 2012, with films we can at last stay home and enjoy on video. 

Eddie Murphy as the Oscar’s presenter is at the moment completely secret  and nobody will say if he has been approached. Unconfirmed gossip has it that Peter O ‘Toole said it was about time he received the Oscar, as he’d been acting before Gabby Haynes…before the Civil War.

More remakes set for next year could be Scrooge, Star Wars, The Godfather The Longest Day, based on the 2010 Oscar ceremonies.

I will give you my final tips for best actor and actress in January.

You never know…Red Dog could follow in the footsteps of the greats…Lassie…Rin Tin Tin…

by Helena Bryanlith


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