Is Megan Fox too skinny?

Megan Fox is seen by a lot of people to be the most beautiful woman in the world but new images of her have left fans wondering if she has become too skinny.

The actress stripped down to her underwear to advertise Emporio Armani’s lingerie and in one pose she hunches over to show a concave stomach and her bones protrude through her back.

Wearing minimal make-up the star is indisputably beautiful but the image is a stark one.

Megan has previously stripped to her underwear to advertise Emporio Armani’s lingerie – but the tables have been turned somewhat in Megan Fox’s latest advertising campaign for the fashion house’s fragrance Armani Code.

The Jennifer’s Body star has just been announced as the new face of the scent, and has shot a sultry new television advert which sees her pose with a naked man while she remains relatively covered up.

In sizzling scenes, the 24-year-old, sporting a sleek black bob, cavorts with the hunky male model on a rooftop overlooking the Los Angeles city scape at night.

At first, the man is wearing a tuxedo, but, as the city lights twinkle below, he soon strips off and Megan is also seen naked wrapped in a black sheet showing just her back to the camera.

It’s the kind of performance that’s put her on men’s magazine Maxim’s Hot 100 list for four years in a row.

It appears that Megan doesn’t smell so bad either. According to experts, Armani Code Pour Femme has notes of of orange, orange blossom, ginger, pear sorbet, jasmine, vanilla, woods and lavender honey.

Armani meanwhile says the scent is a ‘sexy, femme fatale kind of perfume, a woman’s mysterious code of seduction revealed.’

No wonder they plumped for Meg Fox to promote it, then…

The dark-haired beauty has previously worked together with Giorgio Armani as the face of Emporio Armani Underwear as well as Armani Jeans, after she replaced Victoria Beckham.

 Last month, she appeared in another promo clip for the label, stripping to her scanties.

In the advertisement she also shows off her numerous tattoos.

Megan has numerous inkings all over her body.

They include script on her shoulder, from Shakespeare’s King Lear reads, ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.

And also one on her ribs that reads: ‘Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.’

Towards the end of the clip Megan appears topless wearing just a pair of skin-tight white Armani Jeans as she seductively leans across the back of the sofa.

The full version of the sexy TV advert is due to air in the next few weeks and advertises both the underwear and jeans spring 2011 collections.

Megan, meanwhile, has been back at her day job and was last week spotted on the New York set of her new film Friends With Kids.

The star and her co-star, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, shot scenes in the Bronx area of the city before spending a day shooting on the ski slopes of Mount Peter in Warwick, New York State.

The movie is due out next year.

by Debbie Dot


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