Introducing the C-String

Does this fit under our ‘emerging technology’ tagline?

It’s hard to say. It’s certainly emerging from somewhere.

Ladies, if you find a g-string too restrictive, or you’re fond of wearing paper-thin dresses and waging an eternal war against the visible panty line, you now have the option of wearing the above device, which is called the C-String. While there’s no ‘string’ actually involved, onlookers can certainly ‘C’ just about everything, including an awkward rear aspect that looks something like a pencil clenched between the wearer’s buttocks.

But even though it looks really sexy…there’s nothing for us lads or ladies to undo, or put your hand down.

Now that might sound a bit ridiculous but I don’t really see the point of wearing a cstring, because you might as well be wearing nothing.

A little G-String I think is far sexier.

One of these days, somebody will take the “less is more” trend in women’s underwear to its logical conclusion and start selling lacy postage stamps.

Until then, there’s the C-String.

by Harry Harper


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