Iggy Pop to sell Paco Rabanne perfume

Iggy Pop, once best known for his manic on-stage antics and immortal rock ‘n’ rolls songs like “The Passenger” is now becoming better known for something else entirely: selling out to The Man.

On top of his preposterous adverts for car insurance company Swiftcover — starring alongside a 3 foot puppet version of himself — he’s now accepted an offer from French fashion house Paco Rabanne to promote their perfume “Black XS L’Excès”.

An advert has been shot for the perfume featuring Mr. Pop, but it hasn’t been released on the internet yet. What’s more, we’re not going to be able to smell the scent until January when it’ll be unveiled in France, presumably by Iggy himself.

Oh, and did we mention it’s a women’s fragrance? Well it is. Which means that this advert will have to be nothing short of spectacular, what with it having to use Iggy Pop to sell smelly air to lady folk.

What’s the bet he’s going to be topless, eh?


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