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Hello again.

I know I said I would take a rest until the Oscars, but my favourite man is in the news.

Remember Rock Of Ages my tip for the Oscars with the lovely Tommy as an aged rocker? Well it seems another Kate could be heading for a break up!

I am still upset that Katy Perry lost out in love. But if Katie Holmes follows my best Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman, then she will be back in High heels soon.

Tom Cruise is getting support from his religious friend and fellow star John Travolta. Even though he, John, that is, is allegedly having a tough time with allegations from a masseur. Be brave Tom, you’re a real star.

Another late bit of news – a brilliant chanteuse is expecting. Adele often uses strong language, so I expect some Anglo-Saxon comments from her real soon.

Could the lovely Kate seek comfort from her best pal Posh? I hope so because Posh is a really good person to have as a friend.

What big star has put his foot in it again? Mark Wahlberg, or rather, Mark Wallyberk, thinks he is as tough as his on screen character.

Look out for the Spice Girls promoting their stage show and albums…boring!

Must go the phone is ringing with another scoop.

by Helena Bryanlith

I am the editor I am an editor Don't know what I want but I know how to get it I wanna destroy a burger and fries

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