Hollywood beauty, Salma Hayed had bad acne

Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek has opened up about suffering “severe,  severe depression” from acne and being overweight when a struggling  actress.

The Latino star, one of the most beautiful stars in the movie business,  insists it was a far different story when she was 25 and trying to break  into movies.

“You want to talk about bad skin? I had acne,” she said.

“And this acne was so bad it sent me into severe, severe depression.

“Like I couldn’t leave the house.

“The next stage with that sort of depression is food – too little or too  much. Guess what I did?

“I was fat and broken out. I couldn’t leave the house and I couldn’t pay the rent!”

She credits director Alfonso Cuaron for teaching her “to meditate, to  relax” and also says Accutane “cured” the acne.

As for more drastic beauty treatments, she insists: “Botox – trust me,  I’ve been tempted, but I resist!”

by Helena Bryanlith


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