Holly Willoughby Doesn’t Approve Of Kylie

Holly Willoughby’s been bad mouthing Kylie Minogue, claiming the singer’s presence on The Voice has done little to improve the BBC talent show.

Holly Willoughby

The 32-year-old – who formerly presented the show alongside Reggie Yates – said: “Have there been any improvements? I wouldn’t say, ‘The show is so much better this year’ at all.’

“If you’re comparing the coaches, Jessie J was so strong in her critique musically that the singers could really learn something from her. As a vocalist she was on top of her game. She was incredible.”

It’s at this point we’re inclined to completely and utterly disagree with Holly. She clearly isn’t a die-hard Kylie fan like, um hello, the rest of the world!

We guess she half made up for it though when she said: “Kylie is a little pocket of sex god.” Although we’re not sure that statement makes sense.


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