Oprah is a fan of the C-word

Oprah back in the 1980’s brought out the big guns, saying the C-word ‘commitment’, to the man of her life at that moment, Reginald Chevalier…only months after meeting him.

Oprah saw the filmmaker Reginald Chevalier as prey and was very quick to swoop on her man, with speed, furiousness and at any cost, as soon as she laid eyes on him. She met him on her show when she was doing a look-alike segment in 1985. Reginald supposably looked like Billy Dee Williams. After the show had finished she threatened her staff members saying if they let him leave they would be fired, and then she instructed them to keep him back stage.

Reginald talks about spending time in the talk shows hosts’ water tower condo, “I remember how she loved taking candle-lit baths before going to bed,” “We took lots of them together.”

He believes that Oprah wanted to settle down and he was the ‘chosen one’, Oprah often brought up the subject of marriage.

But then for some unknown reason in one day in April 1986, cold as ice Oprah locked Reginald out of her condo and left his belongings at the front reception. With an envelope saying ‘Sorry, things aren’t working between us. Oprah Winfrey.’ There was no more contact in this heartless breakup no phone calls, no good bye, nothing but the concierge saying the locks had been changed. So obviously there was no break up sex.

Oprah couldn’t even find it in her heart to send one of her workers to get down and dirty, and have one last hot steamy bath.


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