How to clinch a second date

If you’re a bit confused as to how to nail a second date, just heed the advice below…it’s a guarnteed success rate…of one form or another.

1. Fill the silences – You’re both fiddling with your serviettes, frantically searching for something…anything to say. Thise silences become unnerving, so have a few things up your sleeve to launch into if conversation dries up.

If all else fails…spike their drink.

2. Tell them they look nice – “What a great jacket” or “Wow! You look amazing!” You’ve both probably spent ages examining your reflection, make each other feel like it’s been worth it.

If all else fails…ask if they want to have sex, whatever the answer is, you’ll know where you stand. There’s no point in flogging a dead horse. I fyou’re no too confident asking this question, refer to pointer number one before you ask for sex.

3. Let them know you like them – Say, “I was really pleased you called”, or, “I’m so glad you said you’d come out with me.” There’s nothing wrong with admitting you like someone.

If you’re not sure whether or not they like you…see pointer number one…then go to pointer number two…after that, you’ll be sure as to whether you’ve scored or not.

4. Help choose the venue so you can share the blame – The service is laughable, the food inedible…does it really matter if you both chose the place?

BUT…the best place for a first date is the pub. If it’s not going too well, you can either get pissed or go and chat to someone else.

5. Have a sense of humour – Laugh your way through any difficult moments and the second date will be eminent.

OR…if your date is ugly as sin…laugh out loud at them…take the piss out of their ugliness. If they laugh back at you, that means they have a sense of humour. Ring up the ugliest mate that you have and set the both of them up. Let’s face it…they’ll both be bloody grateful…to you…and each other.

by Harry Harper


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