Gwyneth Paltrow uses the C-word to descibe her nan

Relatives of Gwyneth Paltrow have lashed out at the actress after she used the C-word on TV to describe her own nan.

The Hollywood star has infuriated her family with the shocking outburst on US telly.

Appearing on chat show Chelsea Lately, Gwyneth said of her nan Katherine, who she called Mutti, “My Mutti was a real cunt.”

Her cousin, Catherine Renfro, 85, raged, “I can’t believe Gwyneth said that. To say it on TV was inappropriate.

“And using that rude word too…we don’t talk that way.

“It actually looks bad on her, rather than on her grandmother.”

Gwyneth revealed that Katherine has been at the centre of a family feud before her death aged 96. But cousin Catherine said, “I wasn’t aware of any ill feeling in that family. I met Katherine and she was very nice. She didn’t say a bad word to me…I didn’t sense any tension.”

by Helena Bryanlith


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