Graham Norton publicly jokes about Rolf Harris

Graham Norton managed to shock almost everyone, as he hosted the British Television Awards on Sunday as he joked about Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville.

Opening the star-studded ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall, the 50-year-old said he better hurry up and get on with things before any celebrities were detained following a string of arrests in wake of the Jimmy Saville sex abuse scandal.

Graham Norton at the British Television Awards

Following revelations that Jimmy was a serial predator to underage children, several stars have been arrested for sexual allegations, including Rolf Harris.

Taking to the stage at the beginning of the ceremony, Graham said: ‘We better crack on before some of our celebrities get unavoidably detained.’

Earlier, he had asked audience members to refrain from clapping during the ‘in remembrance’ section of the show, pointing out how Saville was one of those mentioned during last year, following his death in October 2011 – before the revelations about his sex life.

Graham also mentioned that last year’s winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award was Rolf, who was recently arrested over historical allegations of sexual offences.

He quipped: ‘What a night it was…’

by Lorelle Heath


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