Gervais…Jennifer Lopez will stab you with her piece

A little story we heard from the Golden Globe awards.

Off stage, Ricky Gervais spots Jennifer Lopez talking to Alec Baldwin.

Lopez tells Ricky, “You’re not going to target me, are you?”

Gervais says, “Of course I am. (then pointing to Alec Baldwin) If it’s a choice between the two of you I’m not going to choose him…look at the size of him.”

But she said on the Ellen Degeneres show that if Ricky went too far, she’d beat him up.

Only she said it like, “Hainifair Lopez will eh-stab you with her piece because she ees a Latina from de Bronx. Holla!”

Or she could have crushed him with her more than ample thighs.

by Milo Johnson


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