Film Review – Hobo With A Shotgun

This noisy, bloody, aggressively decadent exploitation flick…in which a homeless alcoholic ‘cleans up’ a preposterously corrupt American town…is based on a fake trailer attached to Grindhouse, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 celebration of all things brutal and sleazy.

It sets out to be a ‘so bad, it’s good’ parody of vigilante movies ranging from the sublime (Taxi Driver) to the ridiculous (Death Wish 3). Like most of its kind, it’s just so bad it’s bad.

Its idea of fun is to show a girl having all her fingers chopped off by a lawnmower or a man having his head ripped off by a gangster while a hot babe in a bikini dances orgiastically in the ensuing fountain of blood.


The aim is to ingratiate Hobo With A Shotgun with its fanboy audience by decapitating, eviscerating and mutilating as many people as viciously as possible.  All the acting is atrocious.

The title character is played by Rutger Hauer, who used to star in movies such as Blade Runner. How are the mighty fallen.

 Director Jason Eisener makes the campy carnage look as ugly, garish and puerile as possible.

There is, of course, an audience for this kind of depressing junk, and no shortage of idiots on the internet who will vilify any critic who dares to point out it is depressing junk.

by Helena Bryanlith


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