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Yes, I know I promised to stay stum until the Oscar films were released over Christmas, but the first Oscar film is now out.

You should all know by now, the film-makers wait until Christmas and New Year to release films they expect to get a nomination. All the great films came out months ago.

I still think Sessions will win a few awards. But now the latest film expected to get an Oscar nomination is on release…I mean…the film of the play, of the book, of the musical…yes, it’s Les Misérables.

The leads, as expected, are dependable. The story is well known and we all know how it ends. This film has, I am sure, been made by the back room staff of a pommie soap opera…such as Eastenders. It is a misery with depressed actors and depressed audiences. At the end of the film I thought it was Dirty Den falling into the canal.

Expect a Clooney epic to appear soon, as well as a French or foreign film to take up a nomination.

If the black swan actress is nominated again for Les Misérables then it’s time for Helen Hunt to pack her bags and take up skydiving.

Happy Christmas to all who missed out on misery.

by Helena Bryanlith

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