Films already in the running for an Oscar

Well fans, I’ve been looking at films you should be going to see if you want to be able to guess who will be at next years Oscars. 

Clooney will get a nomination, as he has for the past century, but on your short list must be Rock Of Ages or ROFA for short.

With Jagger and McCartney still in their prime, who else but Tom Cruise could play a rock god. Remember Tommy with The Who? Well this is Tommy in fine form as a cruise missile rocking the stage.

He gets better with age and can actually sing a bit. Certainly when compared to many of todays rockers. ROFA does not stand for Randy Old Fellers still Alive, but Tom does have a way with the girls. Great music and supporting stars, especially Baldwin, who is in great form.

Will it win an Oscar? Difficult to win when most past winners don’t take to the screen until a week before Christmas. But this is a contender. Add The Hunger Games and Wish You Were Here from Australia, and you could have the winner.

I am worried about late entries from ABBA and The SPICE GIRLS movies, and of course Avengers 19, Mission Impossible 26 and Rocky 95.

Prometheus a front  runner and the wonderful childrens films Ice Age 16 and Madagascar 9 deserve an Oscar for all the joy they bring to our kids .

I expect to return in December with a more accurate final list of the best films of 2012.

Expect a late entry from Mr Clooney…

…see you at the pictures.

by Helena Bryanlith


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