Fergie is just a mad old bint

It was a weak moment but I was actually starting to feel sorry for Sarah Ferguson at having been banned from Wills and Kate’s wedding.

Yes, she is an idiot. No, she never learns. And yes, her greed keeps making her do loopy things. But I can see why she’d want to be with her daughters on such an historic day.

But then she went on the Oprah Winfrey show (which she can’t do any more) and blew all my sympathy out of the water with some soppy nonsense about how she wanted to be there to help ‘dress them’.

My God, can you imagine how much worse they’d have looked if she had? And why is she talking like they’re five year olds and not grown women?

But what really did it for me was when she said that instead she chose to go to Thailand…”where the jungle embraced me”.

Now that’s the kind of claptrap that always makes me want to slap her and reminds me what a mad bint she really is.

by Debbie Dot



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