DVD Derek reviews…

I visited the video store to hire…well…something different. 

I ended up getting a Simon Pegg DVD. I quite like his films, although “Fear of Everything” was not his best.

Simon Pegg in A Fantastic Fear Of EverythingIt has the style of an old Ealing Comedy, but without the quality script. It tried to cover too much ground – neurosis, psychiatry, pathos, family tragedy, comedy and cartoons.

Simon Pegg did give a strong performance, and he has a way of picking ideal actresses to support him in his movies.

I will continue to look forward to his next movie. He is brave in seeking out new genres to display his talents.

The film did have a few Pegg moments of his distinctive humour and did make me laugh. Simon is a much under-valued actor. My expectations of his work are for a genius to emerge, as he grows ever more experienced. He is a good learner and in Ealing, he has the perfect example of classic comedies to achieve his full potential.

A future Hancock or is that Hitchcock.

by DVD Derek


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