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After the Lord of The Rings we have the DVD of The Hobbit.

This was a beautiful amusing whimsical tale of the Shire. Like the previous Rings DVD’s the story starts slowly and gives you time to appreciate the characters. The DVD is too long and can be compared to a violent games disc.

You need patience with this tale.

The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, off on his adventure

It starts in the Shire and has a wonderful peaceful beginning, with outstanding visual clarity of how the book presents the life of a Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins…also introducing the dwarves and Gandalf the wizard.

From this slow and pleasing start the movie goes decidedly frenetic with trolls, monsters, Orks, underground battles, chases, and sword fights.

The magic ring gets little of the story line and ‘my precious’ is not fully explained. The ending is disappointing, as it shows a dragon opening an eye…and that’s the finish.

For style, action and for the kids who enjoy gaming with really beautiful graphics, it is a really wonderful film. For grown-ups, this film is too long, and at times, tedious.

Great tourist advert for New Zealand.

by DVD Derek

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