Do women need a GBF…is it good for the husband?

A friend recently told me that he came home caught a 6 feet 4 inch bloke in his bedroom while his wife was showing him her bottom.

More worrying still, he seems to be doing nothing about it. But this is no ordinary gentleman looking at his missus in her undies. This is a…well sort of a care bear hunk…a GBF.

What is a GBF I hear you ask. It’s her soul mate, her Gay Best Friend.

This guy can do things for her that my mate can’t even dream of attempting. Like watch Hollywood gossip shows without being sick. He can “coo” over shoes with a straight face, and with actual real enthusiasm. He’s different from her female friends yet still has an opinion on Justine Bieber’s hair.

These are just some of the reasons why there’s plenty of room for a GBF in any relationship.

Menfolk don’t fear GBF’s…instead, embrace them. Not literally because this could cause all sort of relation ship problems.

An example of why GBF’s are amazing. The wife is upstairs trying on something hideous and he’s telling her stuff like, “You look like you ran into K-Mart blindfolded and covered in glue.”

His words are more cutting than I could ever attempt, yet she doesn’t mind.

In my world, men smoke pipes, build sheds, and DON’T do on-demand fashion advice.

No surprise that GBF’s have become so trendy that Miley Cyrus once admitted that she’s rather go for dinner with hers than hr boyfriend. Kelly Osbourne, is thought to be considering a baby with her GBF.

Sure, I’d feel a bit pushed out of my relationship. Just because I moan about being dragged to the cinema to watch some piss-poor romcom movie, it doesn’t mean I’d rather the GBF went instead.

But the pros outweigh the cons, so much so that I’m now thinking perhaps I need a GBF of my own…a no strings attached lesbian chum to share my life with…that’s right, an LBF.

We;d sit and watch Die Hard movies together, spend weekends drinking, fishing and watching strippers.

So, if anyone knows a lesbian who may be interested in forming such a friendship, get in touch. Seriously, please get in touch.

by Harry Harper


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