Did Kim fedex her breast milk?

Sometimes a mama’s got to do what a mama’s got to do!

We’re hearing a rumor that Kim Kardashian tried to get her breastmilk fedexed to her daughter North West back home while she’s in France for Paris Fashion Week but according to some sources, Kanye West shot that idea down fast. Why? Here’s what we’re reading:

“Kim really wanted to take Nori to Paris but Kanye insisted that it wasn’t a good idea because of his issues with photographers.

Kim Kardashian

He thought it was too dangerous. He also wanted Kim all to himself for a few days. He said they needed to spend time together as a couple away from her family.

Kim had wanted to continue breast feeding for another two months. She considered taking a breast pump with her to Paris and having either an assistant flying the milk back to L.A. or shipping it back by FedEx. Kanye thought that was ludicrous, and as usual he got his way.”

Hmm… what do you think? Is Kim really breastfeeding? Even if she were, why is she walking around Paris braless? Something tells us this rumor is more fiction that fact!


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