Demi Moore slips at film festival

As any fashion-concious woman living in a cold climate will know, snow and stiletto heels do not mix.

California resident Demi Moore learned this lesson the hard way yesterday after slipping on some ice at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The actress teetered, with the help of some minders, into a portrait sitting at the festival where she is doing double duty promoting two new films.

Wearing a pair of lace-up heeled boots and a shearling jacket, Demi made it safely inside after being rescued by her quick-thinking entourage from getting a face-full of snow.

The 48-year-old sat for her Sundance portrait before attending a screening of her Wall Street thriller Margin Call.

The film, about an investment bank during a 24-hour period at the start of the financial crisis, has already won the Creative Coalition’s 2011 Spotlight Initiative Award at the festival.

Demi was joined by co-stars Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Simon Baker and Zachary Quinto for the screening.

Husband Ashton Kutcher, 32, also joined Demi inside the screening after spending the day snowboarding on the nearby slopes.

She changed into a sleek charcoal dress with a zip front and black ankle boots for the premiere, her second of the festival.

Earlier this week Demi attended a screening for Another Happy Day with co-stars Ellen Barkin and Kate Bosworth.

Barkin, who also produced the film, revealed that Demi has some powerful thigh muscles.

During filming of a fight scene in the movie, Thomas Hayden Church, who plays Demi’s estranged husband, was left injured by the actress’ surprising strength.

‘Demi wrapped her legs around him, and he said her legs crushed his ribs,’ Barkin, who gets choked by the star in the same scene, said.

‘It’s always the guy, the big, macho, muscley guy. Like there’s little tiny Demi and me and he’s hurt? I’m like, “I got choked and I’m fine”.’

Moore says she enjoyed getting physical. ‘We had so much fun,’ she said at the premiere. ‘We were laughing.’

Barkin added, ‘You know, I trusted Demi would choke me in a very lovely delicate way.’

While Demi works overtime promoting her two films, Ashton is enjoying the current success of his comedy No Strings Attached, currently topping the U.S. box office.

The actor flew into Sundance a day early to surprise his wife at her first premiere of the week on Sunday.

He’s been hitting the slopes while Demi attends photo calls and press conferences, but the couple found some time this week for a quiet lunch together.

The busy couple took a break from the festival to visit a local restaurant for lunch.

Wrapped up to brave the chilly Utah weather, Demi wore a fur trimmed parka jacket and boots, with jeans and a woolly scarf.

Ashton was equally casual away from the red carpet in thick gloves and a sports jacket.

Demi, 48, also appears in the upcoming movie LOL, which also stars Miley Cyrus.

She told E! Online that the pair had formed a close friendship during filming.

‘She’s adorable,’ she said. ‘I love her. We text all the time still….She’s a great girl with a great heart.’

by Debbie Dot


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