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Demi Moore shows her ‘goofy’ side

Demi Moore proves she can still have a laugh as she larks about at the release of Terrywood.

And her rustic-looking Louis Vuitton dress and comedic black-rimmed glasses only added to the fun.

The 50-year-old estranged wife of Ashton Kutcher was on fine form as she pulled faces for the camera.

Demi was at a bash to celebrate the work of fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

The Striptease star was not only full of smiles but she also revealed a healthier figure in the low-cut frock.

She teamed the odd emsemble with skyscraper Jimmy Choo shoes.

Demi’s antics come just days after she was seen letting her hair down at a showbiz party.

The 50-year-old actress has been down in the dumps for 12 months now since her break-up with Kutcher this time last year.

by Lorelle Heath

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