Demi Moore is into ‘Orgasm Inducing Yoga’

Demi Moore is said to be practising an intense form of yoga that induces an ‘orgasmic reaction’ after being introduced to it by close friend and fellow practitioner Russell Brand.

Demi MooreThe 50-year-old actress has been practising Kundalini yoga – referred to as ‘the yoga of awareness’ – at Nine Treasures studio in West Hollywood with teacher Guru Tej, who she was introduced to by British star Brand.

“Russell introduced Demi to Tej some months ago and she’s been working with him ever since – she loves his classes,” a source said. “Through Kundalini, Tej has really been helping her get rid of her demons.”

The outlandish practice is understood to send users into an ‘orgasm like state’ – known as a ‘yogasm’ – by focusing on the muscles around the groin.

Demi and daughter Rumer Willis have just returned from the three-day Kundalini Summer Solstice in New Mexico, where they took part in a series of meditative practices – amongst them a ‘blind marathon’ and White Tantric Meditation.

But while she’s converted her oldest child, younger daughters Tallulah and Scout remain unconvinced.

“The other girls aren’t ready to go there yet,” added the source.