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Clothes with pictures of Kurt and Courtney

A clothing collection featuring pictures of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love has emerged in Japan.

The three-part collaboration between retailer Eyescream, Spade Magazine and Number (N)ine designer Takahiro Miyashita, features 16 “extremely limited” pieces of clothing printed with images of the couple. The haul, includes t-shirts, trousers and jackets.

The collection also includes a one-off Pearl Jam t-shirt.

Meanwhile, Love recently won her legal dispute with her landlady over her New York home. The Hole star will not be forced to move out after a judge refuted claims from property owner Donna Lyons that the rocker hadn’t paid her rent.

Lyons had previously claimed that Love owed over $50,000 in rent, but according to the court judgement, the pair had agreed a new payment schedule after Love moved in. The singer had been making her rent payments according to the new agreement, while Lyons was said to be trying to enforce the original deal.

Love is reportedly working on her own memoir. It is thought that the book will “set the record straight” about her marriage to Nirvana late frontman Kurt Cobain, her career as a rock star and actress, and her relationships with other celebrities and her daughter, Frances Bean.

by Milo Johnson

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