Christine O’Donnell walks out on Piers Morgan show

Christine O’Donnell today hit back at Piers Morgan after she ‘stormed off’ off his show, insisting she was not upset over his questions regarding gay marriage.

‘He had a decidedly inappropriate line of questions leading up to that, that many people…bloggers…are saying was just border-line creepy,’ she said.

‘I was not there to talk about sex, and he would not stop trying to talk about sex.’

During his Wednesday talk show, Morgan asked O’Donnell, 41, to share her stance on gay marriage, a political topic covered in her new book, ‘Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again’ which the Tea Party darling was promoting on the show.

‘I don’t think it’s relevant. It’s not a topic that I chose to embrace, it’s not what I’m championing right now…I’ve been there, done that, gone down that road, O’Donnell said, then she left the studio mid-show.

Morgan took to Twitter following her exit, telling his 1,142,270 followers that her reaction to the questions was his ‘first ever walk-out in 25 years of interviews.’

He also wrote, ‘Ms O’Donnell wasn’t happy about me quizzing her views on witchcraft and sex.

‘But really flipped at gay marriage Qs. Ripped mike and fled.

‘I guess viewers can decide if I was “rude” or not.’

‘I’m not a 20-year-old on MTV right now,’ she added. ‘So let’s get back to the political issues that I lay out in the book, and he wouldn’t let up.’

The former Delaware Senate candidate continued that she had other places to be the night of the CNN airing. ‘I was already late for a Republican Women’s event that was being covered by C-Span, and so there is a room full of women wondering where I am, and I’m getting the wrap-up signal on the sidelines… enough here Piers.’

‘He’s a cheeky bugger, I wish him well,’ O’Donnell finished.

O’Donnell caused a media stir last October over her comments about dabbling with witchcraft, and didn’t take too lightly with Morgan’s persistent questioning.

A video clip of the talk-show dustup shows Morgan bantering with the former Deleware U.S. Senate candidate about the 2012 elections before focusing on the issues she says she addressed in her new book.

He asked Mrs O’Donnell, ‘Right now I’m curious about whether you support gay marriage.’

The Delaware politician replied, ‘You’re borderline being a little bit rude.’

‘It’s not a topic that I choose to embrace. It’s not a topic that I’m championing right now,’ she added.

She said she didn’t see the ‘relevance’ of Mr Morgan’s questions.

Mrs O’Donnell said, ‘Right now, what I’m trying to do is promote a book that I hope to be a very inspirational story to people who are a part of the Tea Party movement.’

When Mr Morgan went on to ask about her views on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ saying that he thought Mrs O’Donnell was being weird about the issues by skirting around them, she decided she had had enough.  

‘Okay, I’m being pulled away.’ Mrs O’Donnell said.

‘Have you even read the book?’ she asked, before pulling off her mic and walking off camera.

According to the New York Daily News, Piers Morgan said in an interview later, ‘From an interviewing standpoint, I don’t think there was anything that would constitute rudeness.

‘The issue of gay marriage is clearly significant in the wake of the popularity of Michelle Bachmann.

‘I wasn’t asking about it to be outrageous, I just assumed she would have a standard answer for it since she wrote about it in her book. It was bizarre.’

by Lorelle Heath


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